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Dental implants have revolutionized the mouth treatments, with them ,we are able to return fixed teeth to every patient. Dental implants are the most natural way to restore missing teeth, it is as if our teeth were born again. Dental implants are titanium prosthetic elements that are placed into the bone   of the mouth, the part that is housed inside the bone is shaped like a tooth root. On top  of the titanium artificial root ,the prosthetic crown is placed which will replace the lost tooth.

The connection between the implant and the crown is carried by a hexagonal intimate union as a male and a female, all fixed with a definitively titanium screw. The connection between the dental implant and the bone is a biological union called osseointegration.This osseointegration is produces during the first 3 months  since the implant placement. After these  first 3 months, the implant is integrated into the bone without any movement. For this reason, we do not place the final fixed teeth on the implants after a minimum of 3 months.

Surgery implant placement can range from a very simple procedure that lasts no more than 10minutes or more delicate surgeries involving longer time. It all depends on the amount of bone and gum available of the patient where we will hold the implants. It is very important to have a sufficient amount of bone and gum to place the dental implant correctly  and also for a goos long-term maintenance.  When the bone and the gum are lost, this ocurrs mainly because of chronic infections in the affected teeth or because once we have a lost tooth it takes us longer to replace it.  It is necessary advanced regenerative surgeries to return the lost tissue and so then to replace dental implants. Dental implants can be placed under local anesthesia in the dental chair , although occasionally perform in hospital operating rooms due to the length and difficulty of surgery
Dental implants in London have been applied for many years but if we compare the number of implants placed in a city like London with those placed in another European capital like Madrid , we note that is a much less frequent treatment in London. There are several reasons for this  relevant fact:

  • Is less the number of dentists specialize in dental implants .
  • Dental implants in London are more expensive than here in Spain. We are talking about  a range of 40%-50%.
  • The UK dental health system does not include  dental implants  , and many other  dental treatments
  • There is a least amount of information to patients in London  of  treatments such as dental implants

Placing dental implants will return your fixed teeth  and an aesthetic smile,  in less that 24 hours., therefor people tend to seek alternatives  such as dental implants in London or outside their countries.The patient in a few hours can return to his daily routine, with any problems.

If you consider all these information useful , having dental implants in London or abroad is a very interesting option. You will be under  very profesional doctors hands, you will save money  and you  will not have problems with your mouth in the future. Definetly you will return home with a new smile.

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