In order for us to be able to carry out an appropriate study and plan your case we need you to provide us the following information:


You will need to conduct it in your country of origin in any radiology center. You can send us the above mentioned CAT results directly to us from the radiology center or via email to the following Dropbox address or by regular mail to the following address:


We need you to send us some photos that can be taken with your mobile phone to this telephone number or email as follows:

  • A close up smiling as maximum as possible and in a relaxed position.
  • Photos from inside the mouth separating yourcheeks with two spoons and putting together your molars in the same way you normally bite.

Once we have the CAT results and photos, we will send you a report containing the treatment plan to be performed in detail, free of charge for you. At the same time you will also receive your closed dental tourism budget package. The budget will always be closed, in this way you will never pay a single euro more than what you previously agreed, as this will be given to you on paper.


  • Your treatment will be conducted in facilities that have been prepared to carry out oral surgery. In case you may need general anesthesia, the surgery will be done in the facilities of Hospital Quirón of Valencia.
  • The surgery itself will be conducted by intravenous sedation practiced by our certified anesthesiologist. With this technique you will not be aware at any time of what we do in your mouth, you will not feel any pain and hospitalization is not required.
  • You will be attended by our specialists in oral and maxillofacial implantology. Our doctors count with extensive experience in conducting such cases.They belong to scientific societies and are immersed in continuous advanced training.
  • The implants we place belong to the brand Nobel Biocare, the world leader in implantology. You will be given a card which will contain your implants lifetime warranty, as well as all specifications so that if you need so, you can be able to show them to any doctor in your country of origin. These implants are placed worldwide by the best dentists.
  • A totally immediate and fix prosthesis will be made for you after 24-48 hours. It will have cast reinforcement and will be highly durable. Final prostheses are made using CAD CAM technology.
  • You will previously receive a clear diagnosis of treatment to be performed, where the technique to perform will be clearly explained. The budget is closed, so you will never be surprised by unexpected payments.


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