Profesor Doctor Branemark

No one should die with the teeth in a glass of water

In DTS, we dedicate almost exclusively to the placement of dental implants, prosthetic titanium elements could be described as the third dentincion.

With implants, we are able to restore some fixed teeth to patients who have lost all their teeth fot various reasons, we owe all this to, Profesor Doctor Branemark.

Like most great inventions, it was by chance, pure chance, as Professor Branemark in the 50`s discovered that titanium joined the bone very firmly, in a process called osteointegration.

Before being used in humans, for over ten years they carried out numerous scientific studies and animal tests.

It was with Nobel Biocare marketing firm with which they began to develop and evolve the implants designed by Branemark.

One of the phrases that best remembers him:
“No one should die with the teeth in a glass of water”

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