Why look for dental implants abroad?


Dental implants have been developed abroad for more than 30 years. Currently, implantology is a highly developed speciality, every day thousands of dental implants are placed worldwide.
Since its inception, dental implants have undergone many changes, thanks to the research and development of major brands in the industry.

Year after year new lines of research which make this specialty of dentistry a world that demands continuous training and upgrading by professionals arise.

Health tourism is an increasingly common practice, particularly dental treatment, and within these, the treatment for excellence are dental implants.

Are you looking for  dental implants abroad?

With dental implants we are able to return an aesthetic smile and fixed teeth in a few hours, it is for them that many patients seek alternatives outside their countries.
They are performed in most cases with local anaesthesia, without hospitalization, so in a few hours the patient can return to his daily routine.

Patients look for dental implants abroad for various reasons , mainly seeking to save money and find a higher quality treatment. This is the most important to note, besides getting lower prices than in your country of residence, have the possibility of treatment abroad performed with greater reliability and quality.
There are many countries where this treatment is not so developed and there are a few specialist who perform it. This means that prices are very high. People  look for dental implants abroad.

Some patients fear dental treatments done abroad, considering their guarantees, if they have problems where they will go, what kind of treatment are performed, if they will have problems in the future, or even if their teeth will get damaged.
We therefor recommend that before any dental work done abroad consider the following:

-Always know the name of the doctor who will do the surgery as well as their curriculum and training. Never fie of the great franchises in the sector where almost monthly change doctors. The greatest guarantee of your treatment will be having the contact with the same who did the surgery.
– Never go get yourself dental implants abroad without having your case assesed before. The way to do this is by radiological tests that previously give us all the information, specifically the ICAT, which is a test in three dimensions where we get all the information necessary to diagnose your mouth.

-Always ask the type and Brand of implants that are going to be placed. If you have problems in the future, it is very important that you take a Brand of implants that offers long-term security and stability.

-Never stay less than 3 days in the place they perform the surgery. In those early days is when most complications might ocurr and it is crucial to treat them as soon as possible. It is therefore important to stay in place a minimum of 3 days.

-Insist in  before making any payment, the total cost of the treatment. You should require a closed Budget, without last minute surprises

-Must pay by bank transfer, or similar, where you can have a bank receipt.

If you consider these recommendation, having dental implants abroad is a very interesting option. You will save money the same or higher quality that in your country of residence.

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