Our cuisine enjoys of a great prestige. It is very varied and traditional.
The typical dishes of Valencia are:


The most popular dish is Paella, is a kind of stew, cooked with dry rice , chicken and rabbit, green beans, and butter beans . You can also taste our oven-baked rice “Arroz al horno” and rice with all kind of seafood.

Fish and seafood stews

You can´t leave without tasting our all i’prebre, a stew with potatoes, peppers, garlic and eels.

Also try our suquet de peix.

Fruit and vegetables

Valencia Oranges are the most well known type of oranges, This fruit is available throughout the year.

Valencia also counts with an excellent variety of vegetables. You can have them in many ways: in salads, grilled, boiled…


Originally from Valencia, and made from tigermuts, water and sugar. It is served cold as a natural refreshment and you can have it with some fartons.

You can have three different varieties of Horchata: liquid, iced or mixed.



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