How much do the dental implants cost?

How much does a dental implants cost? In order to replace either one or several teeth the most effective treatment includes dental implants. For more than 20 years there have been numerous clinical and scientific studies which back up the quality of implant treatments with a long-term success which is close to 96%.

The Price of Dental Implants

Dental implants treatments consist of many phases and elements. The first phase includes diagnosis and surgical planning. For DentalTripSpain this is the most important phase of the whole treatment, thus this is the phase to we dedicate more time and, as a consequence, all of our surgeries are successful. We have digital diagnostic tools throughoutwhich we are able to demonstrate the treatment plan for each patient. This allows us to know which situations we’re going to find in each mouth in advance and the best solution for each individual case. This also allows us to make a preliminary budget in which there are no surprises. Is the best form to know a dental implants cost. The next phase is the surgical phase itself. During this phase we conduct implant placements. The final part of the treatment involves the placement of the final prostheses, patient´s new fixed teeth.

For all these reasons, the treatment must be individualized and customized based on each patient’s mouth. Do not trust clinics which provide dental implants cost before studying your case. There are cases where aggressive advertising campaigns offer extremely low prices in comparison to the normal average. These fictitious pricesonly include implant placement, so that is not the final price of the treatment.

The average price of dental implants in Spain is about 1500 euros, all inclusive. The factor that can vary greatly the price of the treatment is the brand of implants used. There are more than 1000 different brands, some of them of dubious scientific quality. A lot of them are very recent. It´s is not the same to use a brand with over 20 years of development and numerous scientific studies, which invests heavily in research and development like Nobel Biocare, than a “white” brand without long-term studies or scientific support.

Dental Implants cost depend of the patient´s mouth

You need to know that once implants have been placed, you must undergo control and maintenance sessions, so you may need to repair or replace an attachment. If your implants have been produced by a universal brand such as Nobel Biocare, you will have no problem in finding solutions of any kind.

Spain is a country where implant treatments are very common, the relationship between quality and price is the highest in all of Europe. In the UK for example, the dental implants cost is much higher than in Spain, representing sometimes more than 40% of additional costs.

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